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Beginner Stained Glass Classes


Getting my studio exactly the way I would like it, as well as geting all of my glass inventoried and documented, is still a work in progress as I also continue to work on some new commissions and repairs for customers.  At some point in 2023 I would like to be in a position to offer beginner stained glass classes to interested individuals or small groups, and possibly offer the use of shop space for those who do not currently have an area to create and finish their projects.  Feel free to reach out if that is something you or someone you know would be interested in.  

Church stained glass repaired

Does my leaded stained glass need some attention?

  All stained glass windows will need attention at some point.  I can't say any particular window will need attention right when it hits 75 years of age, just as I can't say any particular window won't end up needing  attention just because it's only a few years old.  Stained glass windows get some cracks from time to time, but that doesn't mean it's not still structurally sound.  Maybe there's a couple of severely broken pieces that need replaced, but the lead and putty is completely fine in the rest of the window.  There could be putty that is failing and leeching out but the lead is still in good condition and structurally sound, so all it needs is to have the old putty picked out and sealed with new putty.  There are many reasons a stained glass window does need immediate attention just as there are many reasons it doesn't.  I will be glad to meet with you for a free inspection within my local area, or we can discuss it initially by phone with the use of window photos you text or email to me.  Don't let the sentimental or historical signifigance of your window be lost if there is an issue that can be fixed now, but I won't recommend any repair or restoration that doesn't need to be done.           

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